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Finds the speed and overview a great improvement in their daily workflow.


Realtime results

Results in realtime while typing your query. 100K files still allows the search to show instantly. Filter the search with multiple words, exclude words, file extensions or casing. All filtering is also instant allowing you to tweak the filter while typing.



Manage your data with our usage of groups. You create a group for one or more folders and name it corresponding to your preference for it, Code/Content/Project names etc. Now you can visualize and filter depending on the groups selected. Using this to manage a large codebase or multiple projects is really easy and gives really good results.



After your result has been found open your favorite editor from Hawkeye and continue on the found line instantly. No more hazzle when finding things your downtime is reduced to zero and you have more fun while working.


More great features


Editing is supported inside Hawkeye as well. Allowing you to edit directly on your found result and your search gets updated as well when saving. Allowing you to refactor your code while seeing all the places it is used at the same time.

Focused replace

Replacing lines inside both content and code can be done simultaneously with focused replaced. Search for something you want to change then tweak all the lines at the same time. Either by replacing line by line or everything at once. Big refactoring is made really simple this way and allows iteration to be much faster. Connection to perforce also exists


Support to change the bindings for each of the actions found inside Hawkeye has been added inside the options screen. Allowing you to keep the same workflow that you are used to.


Keep track of your work state with multiple tabs, allowing for multiple searches to exist side by side. A widget that allows for switching to and from your latest tabs makes keeping track of what you are doing so much easier. Imagine google but for you local computer

"Hawkeye is the perfect search tool when working with large codebases."

Jesper Rudberg - Doctor Entertainment

"Hawkeye is an excellent search tool which I use daily."

Anders Olsson - Hazelight

"All the way from quickly introducing a new team member to a large code base. To allowing our developers to bring more value in their daily work: Hawkeye provides an efficient, effortless and robust solution that saves time and money."

Head of Development, company listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

"Working with large unfamiliar projects is made so much easier with Hawkeye. Being able to immediately locate a relevant section of code is vital to keeping momentum and quickly building a mental picture of the codebase. "

Wynne Technology AB