About us

The idea for Hawkeye started out when a project of ours was completed. A lot of time got freed up and a lot of side projects began. As always a lot of time when developing for fun at home consists of keeping track of your code. Since you might not have that much time to sit and actually code every minute is very valuable.

This problem was brought up and we tried to solve it with existing applications. However, nothing worked out the way we wanted to. To slow, to many features, visuals that didn't present what was important, queries that made the assumption that everyone is a power user. It always felt like something was off.

We wanted something different so we started to create our own. At first it was just a simple program that made queries into data that was forcefed into the pipeline. As time went by a lot of features was added to make it much easier to use while keeping the same core design we wanted it to have, since we are a small development team our core product never got compromised. A year in development and we started to work together with a company that wanted to use it. After a lot of refinement and tuning, the first official Hawkeye release was shipped.

Now almost 7 years later, Hawkeye has become a program that stands on its own with a lot of features that we and other software/game companies really love and packed full with power features for the users that want a little extra. We are really proud of our product and we only want to help you and your company in making your workers have a lot more fun when they are developing. Focusing on the actual coding part instead of fumbling around for a long time. A sideeffect of this is that the company gets a lot more done and each worker produces more in their actual working hours.

Keep having fun developing and hopefully we will meet along the way.

The Hawkeye Team